surinam food rotterdam on tour

So what is it that makes us want to stop at a place during our food tours? Is it the atmosphere, the story, the ‘Rotterdamness’, the owners or just simply that they serve delicious food? To be honest, it’s all of the above. We’ve been doing this for almost five years now, and we’ve seen many places come and go. Only a handful of the ‘original’ stops remain, and for good reason. One of the great things about doing these tours is that we, of course, have built up a close relationship with the owners. Like with fantastic Rita, pictured here between my uncle and me. Always a smile and a quick shooting of the breeze. Her broodjes are amazing, and her hot sauce is world-famous in Rotterdam. And it doesn’t matter whether I walk in with my uncle or with twenty colleagues on a staff outing, everyone is served quickly and stress-free in her cozy toko. That’s the sort of place we love, here’s to another 5 years Rita!

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